Chromatic Homotopy Theory Seminar

This is the website for the reading seminar “Chromatic Nullstellensatz” running on Fall 22-Spring 23. There’s a Discord server for the group for whose link please contact me if you’re interested.

The goal of this seminar is to understand Burklund-Schlank-Yuan’s Chromatic Nullstellensatz and redshift phenomena for algebraic K-theory of E∞-rings. We’re meeting on Saturdays.

DateTitle of the talkSpeakerNotes and Video
November 27An Introduction to Spectra and LocalisationAmartyaVideo,Notes
December 18Stack of Formal Groups and HeightGrigoryVideo, Notes
January 21Lazard’s Theorem and Complex Oriented Cohomology TheoriesAmartyaVideo, Notes
January 28MU and Complex OrientationsRushilVideo, Notes
February 04The Adams Spectral Sequence for MUGrigoryNotes, Video
February 11Flatness over $\mathcal{M}_{\text{FG}}$ and Landweber ExactnessAmartyaNotes, Video
February 25Morava Stabiliser Groups and Bousfield LocalisationLoganVideo, Notes
March 5Lubin-Tate TheoryAmartyaVideo, Notes
March 25An Introduction to the Chromatic NullstellensatzTorgeirNotes, Video
April 08Spherical Witt Vectors and Deformation TheoryAmartyaNotes, Video
April 29Construction of E-Theory and Power OperationsRushilNotes, Video
May 06Detection of NilpotenceLoganNotes, Video
May 20Nullstellensatzian $T(n)$-local $E_{\infty}$ ring spectraAmartyaVideo, Notes
May 27The constructible SpectrumRushilVideo
June 19Picard Groups and OrientationsJonathanVideo, Notes
July 6Redshift PhenomenaTomerNotes


Nilpotence and Periodicity in Stable Homotopy TheoryDouglas C. Ravenel
Chromatic Homotopy TheoryJacob Lurie
Formal Geometry and Bordism OperationsEric Peterson
THE CHROMATIC NULLSTELLENSATZRobert Burklund, Tomer M. Schlank, and Allen Yuan