TED K-Theory Seminar

This is the website for the “Sati-Schreiber Twisted Equivariant Differential K-theory” reading seminar that’s about to begin tentatively this term. The goal of the seminar is to understand the premises of Sati-Schreiber’s Topological Quantum Programming in TED-K.

Here’s a rough syllabus.

We have a Discord server for the seminar. For anyone interested, feel free to get in touch for the invite link.


DateTitleSpeakerNotes and/or Video
Oct 20Introduction and MotivationsTimVideo
Nov 3What’s K-Theory anyways?AmartyaVideo
Nov 18Twisted K-Theory(I)LoganVideo
Dec 2Twisted K-Theory(II)  


Anyonic Defect Branes and Conformal Blocks in Twisted Equivariant Differential (TED) K-theorySati-Schreiber
Equivariant Principal $\infty$-BundlesSati-Schreiber
Twisted Equivariant MatterFreed-Moore
Freed-Moore K-theoryGomi
Differential KO-theory: constructions, computations, and applicationsGrady-Sati